Advantages of Tourism in Antarctica

2 June 2010 by , Comments Off on Advantages of Tourism in Antarctica

Are you looking for a unique tourist destination? Maybe something different than the usual options that everybody talks about? Ask your friends or family about their favorite vacation spots and you will likely hear more common choices like the Caribbean, Paris, London, Las Vegas, or perhaps Disney World if they have children. What if you’re just not a fan of the same tropical locales frequented by countless other tourists?

For those searching for a non-typical tourist destination, Antarctica is a hidden gem to those who are more adventurous. Often the continent that most people forget about, especially when it comes to popular tourist destinations, Antarctica has plenty of things to see and do for people of all ages. Even better, when you return home with tales of your journey, it’s a virtual certainty that your stories will be ones that haven’t been heard before.

Antarctica is one of the few remaining destinations where you can observe polar animals (such as penguins and polar bears) in their natural environment. Some of the best wildlife viewing exists in Antarctica, with birds, seals, and whales being the most popular creatures. There are ferry cruises that depart from Argentina or Chile that last approximately two days. However, traveling by helicopter is also an option for those who are interested in viewing nature up close.

Perhaps you’re interested in camping under the stars? If you happen to be a particularly daring individual, you might choose to kayak up to the icebergs for better views and even camp on the ice, depending on the weather. When it comes to viewing the cosmos, you can indulge yourself in a magnificent sky full of stars on the many clear nights you will experience.

Finally, just like you probably receive postcards from the same destinations that others visit every year, you can’t forget to brag to your friends about your visit! Port Lockroy, formerly a British station, is now a museum and the only post office in Antarctica, so it’s a near guarantee that a postcard received from the “forgotten continent” will be treasured by those who receive it.


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