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Top Destinations for Australian Cruises

Antarctic Journey

While cruise liners once served as a means of luxury transportation from point to point, modern cruise ships set out daily for an incredible range of beautiful holiday destinations. From the verdant hidden isles of the romantic South Pacific, to the far-flung coastlines of Asia with their mystery and splendour, to the wild and rugged shores of Australia itself, Australian cruises offer variety, excitement, and unparalleled natural beauty.

South Pacific options are many and varied: cruises regularly depart for Fiji and French Polynesia, while closer-to-home options include circumnavigating New Zealand and sightseeing trips to Vanuatu and new New Caledonia. Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are the main points of departure for South Pacific cruising, although travelers seeking a New Zealand holiday will most likely depart from Auckland. From Malaysia’s tropics to the clear waters of Tahiti, cruise customers will always be able to find a destination that fits their interests and piques their curiosity.

Australian coastline cruises have grown much more popular in recent years. For adventurous types, a chance to snorkel or SCUBA dive the Great Barrier Reef is hard to pass up, while for the holiday-goer seeking relaxation, the ship’s luxury accommodations are complemented by the gorgeous backdrop of unspoiled land. Popular destinations include Whitsunday, the Sydney harbour, and the Darwin-to-Broome loop across the Top End.

Asia offers so much variety in terms of potential destinations that many travelers hardly know where to begin! From Bangkok’s bustling canals to the silent, mysterious beauty of Vietnamese temples wrapped in morning fog, a true feast for the senses awaits cruise patrons. Popular destinations for Asian cruises during the holidays include Beijing, China’s capital and one of the fastest growing cities on Earth, Hong Kong, with its incredible skyline and multinational culture, and Singapore, the jewel of Malaysia. These and many more await you!